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The Last Waltz

33 Stories About Beethoven, Diabelli and Piano Playing


»Sometimes I think he sits beside me«
Buchbinder about Beethoven

No work has left a greater impression on world famous star pianist Rudolf Buchbinder than Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations. In »The Last Waltz« he explores the world of Beethoven, publisher Anton Diabelli and the musical Vienna of the early 19th century in 33 literary variations.
In a fascinating way he describes his personal approach to music: Why did he play the Diabelli Variations already as a young man? What did he do to save Beethoven’s handwritings of the Diabelli score? What is he thinking about while playing Beethoven? How much Boogie-woogie is there in Beethoven? Why is it a good thing to blindly trust the composer when playing his music? And how did the idea come to life to send Diabelli’s waltz to leading composers of the present and to introduce the Diabelli Variations to the 21st century?
Just in time for Beethoven’s anniversary and Buchbinder’s international Diabelli tour in 2020, »The Last Waltz« brings marvellous stories of music and people to life.

ISBN-13: 978-3-99050-175-7Erscheinungsdatum: 03.04.2020Sonstiges: 1st edition, with numerous illstrationsKategorien: Biografie, Musik
Über den Autor

Rudolf Buchbinder

Rudolf Buchbinder ist einer der bedeutendsten Pianisten unserer Zeit. In seiner über 60 Jahre währenden Karriere gelten seine Interpretationen der Werke Beethovens als maßstabsetzend, deren Interpretationsgeschichte er über Jahrzehnte weiterentwickelte. Buchbinder ist Exklusivkünstler der Deutschen Grammophon und seit 2007 künstlerischer Leiter des Grafenegg Festivals. Zahlreiche preisgekrönte Aufnahmen. Rudolf Buchbinder is one of the leading pianists of our time. In the course of ...



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